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Best 4 Inch Car Speakers -To uplift your music and mood

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Small sized speakers, like all small things, play a very essential role in the overall sound output of your car. The quality of sound produced by your system is an average result of the quality of all your speakers. While big speakers take care of the bass and the loudness, the smaller ones ensure the clarity. 4 inch speakers are commonly employed to fulfil the role of dependable small sized speakers for the lovers of great music on the drive. And we have brought you the best 4 inch speakers in America. 

Of course the preference of speakers changes with the customer taste. Some only want loud music, others pay more attention to bass, while some others don’t wanna miss any lyrics. 4 inch speakers are important in the achievement of all these roles good speakers have to play. 

The best 4 Inch Car Speakers for the year 2020 

Polk Audio DB401 4 Inch Speakers

best 4 inch car speakers

Minimalistically designed and widely recommended by experts, these 4 inch speakers are high on performance. The attractive metallic design is bound to go with your car’s interiors and give you a wing for good looks. These speakers don’t just look smart, they are really built from the best quality materials. This is also why they have an edge in popularity over most other brands. 

The superior build of these speakers renders them strong enough to handle long duration of working, or even exposure to extreme weather conditions. Unlike most 4 inch speakers of this size, these will not get damaged by high heat. 

The tweeters for this one are made of silk and polymer to deliver unmatched clarity of sound at all frequency ranges. The neodymium magnets running these tweeters are also a step up in refining the quality of your music. 

The power handling capacity of these speakers is around 45 watts RMS which coupled with the high sensitivity of 91 dB gives you a magnificent audio experience. This is the reason for their great efficiency and amazing quality of sound. In addition, there are 2-way crossovers which make it easier for frequencies to navigate up till their drives in the speakers. 

These speakers also have a low-mass double layer 25 mm Kaptan voice former which lets you enjoy louder music with clarity you haven’t experienced before. Most reviewers compare the sound quality of these speakers to concert quality speakers. 

Moreover, these speakers are quite easy to install. There is a multi-hole mounting pattern on these speakers and their depth of ¾ inches lets them fit easily wherever you drop them. This flexibility allows them to fit into a vast variety of vehicles. Plus, they are tolerant to water exposure too. You don’t have to worry about damaging your speakers with water exposure anymore. The sound won’t slowly go off like it does in the movies. You can fit them in a boat if you ought to. The strength and longevity of these speakers is further enhanced by the rigid rubber protection surrounding them. 


  • This speaker is unbelievably efficient and has a power handling capacity of 45 watts RMS along with a sensitivity of 91 dB 
  • There is a double layer 25 mm Kapton voice former which makes music additionally loud and clear 
  • The two-way crossovers in these speakers ensure that the frequencies reach the right drive for perfectly smooth sound 
  • It is made of tough materials that can well endure extreme conditions and working pressure 
  • The surrounding rubber protection further enhances the durability of these speakers
  • These speakers are relatively easy to install because of the multi-hole mounting pattern and a shallow depth in the structure
  • Additionally, these speakers are also marine certified 
  • The stylish metallic experience is set to go with almost every car’s interiors

Kicker 41DSC44 4 Inch Speakers

best 4 inch car speakers

You would not have heard of many good quality speakers that are also unbelievably affordable. Well, here you go. Kicker 41DSC44 has made the best quality speakers for a very unexpected price. This will not be a regular upgrade from your factory made speakers. This upgrade will be very much admired.

The high quality smooth and clear sound produced by these speakers is accompanied by good quality bass emanating from 4” polypropylene woofers. This setup is designed to deliver great quality music consistently whether at high or low frequencies. The woofers are also surrounded by a ribbed polyester foam to provide adequate protection and ensure their longevity of function. 

Moreover, these speakers have been designed such that all high frequencies are forwarded to the half inch PEI dome tweeters. These efficient drivers make the speakers capable of producing high frequency sounds at a highly rich quality. This is the reason behind the incomparable clarity of sound produced by these speakers and the depth in the details. 

You’d be impressed by the high sensitivity of these speakers and the fact that they can operate extremely well even on consistently low power. They can function very well on power as low as 30 watts. The sensitivity of these speakers is precisely 88dB and their overall impact is excellent when paired with the right main speakers in the vehicle. 

The thin profile design provides ample room for creating an absolute fit. The tweeters in these speakers don’t protrude out of the main structure to further slim the design. These can easily adjust into many car models with ease and will usually never interfere with other car functions. 


  • You will not find such good quality affordable speakers anywhere else
  • The speakers are built with superior quality materials that guarantee quality of sound and robust function over the years
  • As a rare feature, these 4 inch speakers also produce excellent bass which is owed to their special polypropylene woofer 
  • Low frequency sounds are reproduced especially well with high clarity
  • These speakers have special PEI dome tweeters to produce detailed and clear sound 
  • These speakers have high sensitivity of upto 88 dB and can operate relatively well even on low power 
  • The low profile design makes the installation of these speakers very easy
  • They are compatible with a large variety of automobiles

Pioneer TS-G1020S 4 Inch Speakers

best 4 inch car speakers

This is easily the most edgy 4-inch speaker set you’ll come across. The components of this set are all lightweight and the design is sleek so that it can fit most vehicles with ease. The quality of sound rendered by these speakers is blatantly unbelievable. This is owed to the excellent materials of construction and the amazing quality of function. 

The powerful bass for these speakers is the result of mica injected polypropylene woofer cones. These cones are also protected by rubber surrounds so that absolutely no disturbance gets in the way of quality bass. The impactful nature of bass is also owed to the ferrite magnet motor structure in these speakers. 

Moreover, the stroke space is longer than usual for the best reproduction of low frequency sounds. The excellent depth of bass for this set has been possible because of the specially incorporated conex damper. The long stroke suspension also significantly adds to the quality of bass. 

The dome tweeters for this set are made of terephthalate for the clearest reproduction of high frequency sounds and enhanced quality of overall sound output. Coupled with these amazing features is the superior adaptability of this speaker set in most vehicles. 

Because of the shallow mounting depth, this set can easily fit the 4-inch speaker slots in most cars. Their installation doesn’t usually require modification or professional aid. This is chiefly because of the reduction of area occupied by crossovers in the design. 


  • This 4-inch speaker set produces excellent bass in combination with the ultimate and clear high frequency sound output 
  • The design is compact and the shallow depth allows easy installation 
  • This set is very powerful and the performance rendered is very efficient 
  • The material of construction for the woofer cones and the tweeters is an epitome of quality 

Choose the best 4 Inch speakers for your vehicle 

Replacing the factory made speakers of your car with new ones can be a tough thing to do. You obviously want better quality of sound than before. There are so many options to choose from that any buyer could get confused. We have already made the task easier for you by enlisting the best 4 inch speakers in America. 

But every speaker will not fit every person’s needs right. This is why we have got you essential reminders so that you select the right gigs for your taste. Speakers vary in their power capacities, sensitivity, and even compatibility with different vehicles. Know what suits you best. 

A speaker’s sound performance is determined by the RMS rating 

The loudness of sound a speaker is capable of producing is determined by the amount of power it can handle. You may think that this figure is accurately described by the maximum power rating of the speaker. But that is not true. The maximum power rating will only describe the speaker’s power in exaggeration. The actual power capacity is described by its RMS rating. A speaker with a higher RMS rating will produce a louder sound than the one with lower. The sound capacity of 4 inch speakers is best judged by the RMS rating. 

A more sensitive speaker will easily operate on low power 

Sensitivity of speakers is measured in the same quantity that measures loudness. These decibels determine the power handling features of your sound system. A more sensitive speaker will more efficiently handle the power input and be more efficient. 

A less sensitive speaker, on the other hand, would consume more power to enable the same quality of sound. This is why highly sensitive speakers are more preferable. Greater quality sound is produced while consuming less energy. However, even a less sensitive speaker would work very well if your vehicle has a high power handling capacity. Be more alert when your vehicle system cannot sustain less sensitive speakers. 

See if the speakers are compatible with your vehicle 

Different vehicles have different requirements for delivering the best quality sound. The bigger the size of your vehicle, the bigger must be your speaker’s size. And small vehicles can obviously do well with small sized speakers. For large vehicles, size 4 speakers are generally installed in the doors for better clarity of sound while bigger speakers occupy the main areas. 

4 inch speakers perform excellently in small vehicles owing to the space constraint. Moreover, a pair of good quality 4 inch speakers could compensate for the big ones by providing enough bass and quality music for you to admire. 

Look at your budget

4 inch speakers could be a valuable investment owing to the fact that they compensate for the large speakers very well. And for their lower cost, they are really a bonus. This is also why you commonly see them installed in most vehicles. They can also be installed along with the larger speakers when you desire an upgrade on the quality of your higher frequencies.

Choose between coaxial and component speakers

Know that coaxial speakers are relatively easy to install and do not need much technical expertise in installation. While component speakers definitely need a professional to aid them in installation. However, component speakers perform way better than coaxial ones. 

ers serve you for a longer time while coaxial speakers will fit right in your budget. 

Know the importance of tweeters

Nothing compares to the rich fullness of sound that emerges out of components. Well, coaxial speakers also perform great but there is a comparison. All the more, component speakers in 4 inch speakers

The value of tweeters in your speakers depends upon the amount of upgradation you desire in your sound system. 4 inch tweeter-less speakers will offer a significant improvement over your factory-made installations if you are just looking for an upgrade. But tweeters take the clarity of sound above and beyond. You should definitely go for the speakers that include tweeters if you wanna engage in low-bass quality music that requires clarity. 

Pay attention to the materials

It is important to know what material your speakers are made of. It is no use buying speakers made of substandard materials because they will stop working as soon as they get damaged. Look for speakers that have been adequately tested for toughness and resistance to extreme weather conditions like cold, or direct sunlight, or high heat. 

Moreover, it is essential for some important parts of your speakers to be built with the right materials. Your tweeters must have the right structure and quality of construction to actually improve all frequencies of sound. Your woofers must be duly made with adequately strong materials so that they last as long as the rest of the machinery. You’ll have noticed that most sets of woofers stop working sometime after the speakers have been working. Go for speakers in which the woofers are rightly protected. 

Polk Audio DB401, Pioneer TS-G1020S, and Kicker 41DSC44 are all high quality speakers well known for their tremendous performance. While Polk Audio is superiorly sensitive for its price and can work at relatively low power, Kicker also has a sensitivity of 88 dB and works effortlessly well in all varieties of vehicles. Polk Audio has superior tweeters and the clarity of sound is quite amazing as compared to many other 4 inch speakers in the market. Kicker and Pioneer also provide deep clarity as a significant upgrade over factory made speakers. 

If you want to stay within your budget, Kicker 41DSC44 has sorted it out for you. And if you want to step up for the sake of the amazing music in your vehicle, get your hands on Polk Audio DB401. Pioneer will render you a sharp and good quality edge. Whichever one you choose, know that you are in for some of the best rides of your life. Because your ears are gonna love being in the car. 

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