Best Amp for Alpine Type R 12-Get the best out of your car’s audio system

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Upgrading the sound system of your car is no easy business. From the stereo to the speakers and the amplifier system, everything has to perfectly fall in place. The right amplifier will greatly complement the audio system of your car and make your listening experience ultimate. If you are looking for the perfect amplifier system for the best amp for alpine type r 12 subwoofer, the best bid for you would be a Monoblock or a Type-D amplifier. 

Not only are these amplifier systems more efficient, they also produce way less heat than other systems. Normal amplifier systems are most affected by the distortion that rapid switching on and off of the transistors causes. The frequencies executed by the subwoofer are not affected by this factor. We have brought you some of the best amps for Alpine Type R12. 

The maximum RMS power capacity of these amplifiers range from 250 to 1000 watts and the impedance value is around 4 ohms. We have thoroughly researched to get you four of the best amplifiers in this category. Now you can comfortably replace the aged amps of your car’s sound system with the right new ones. 

The best amp for Alpine Type R 12 

Polk Audio PA D1000.1 

best amp for alpine type r 12

This superb amplifier from Polk Audio is supremely versatile and very well efficient. This one can easily be regarded as the most well recommended amplifier system for Alpine Type R12. The most significant feature of this amplifier system is its ability to function extremely well at resistance as low as 10 ohm. The 4 ohm Alpine Type-R furnishes quite well along with a maximum RMS power capacity up to 500 watts. 

Some of the earlier amplifier models made by Polk Audio lacked in the digital modification that this one is endowed with. Polk Audio PA D1000.1 has huge digital advancements over the earlier PA D-series models. The efficiency of the PA D1000 amplifier systems has been significantly boosted by this digitization. This has resulted in an enclosure that is much more compact in structure as compared to all the previous models. 

Measuring at 6.7 x 3.15 x 5.9 inches, this amplifier system is relatively compact and beneficially so. This also includes an adaptable subsonic filter that generates sonic up to maximum of 12 decibels. The requisite frequency range is 20 to 38 Hz. The subsonic filter also includes a fine sieve that functions in the 40 to 220 Hz frequency range with a bass boost range around 12 decibels. This results in a vast array of customizable options for the user. 

One must note that the Polk Audio PA D1000 is extremely versatile and can be easily paired with your Alpine Type-R12 subwoofers for a supremely efficient function. This can easily be regarded as one of the best amplifiers for this purpose.


  • This amplifier is extremely versatile in function 
  • The functioning of this amplifier is unbelievably efficient 
  • This amplifier has undergone tremendous digital modifications over the previous PA D series amplifier models made by Polk Audio 
  • This amplifier has the ability to function at very low resistance up to 4 ohm
  • The enclosure for this amplifier is quite compact 
  • This compact structure is also an advancement over the previous amplifier models
  • The adaptable subsonic filter in this transformer generates sonic up to 12 decibels 
  • The fine sieve in the subsonic filter also boosts the bass range up to 12 decibels 


  • The power produced by this amplifier system seems insufficient 


This Polk Audio amplifier is extremely versatile in function and quite efficient in performance. It works relatively well at even low amounts of resistance. The structure of this amplifier is perfectly compact. Moreover, the digitization favors easy customization. 

Alpine MRV-M500

best amp for alpine type r 12

This amplifier is very popular amongst the followers of Alpine audio devices. Produced by a very reliable brand, this amplifier is very well-known for its efficiency and cutting edge function. Essentially a Class-D digital platform, this amplifier also includes snap-on attachment along with mounting screws and wire terminals. All these components make the installation of this amplifier supremely easy. Classified as a V-Power Series Class D Monoblock digital amplifier, this one has a maximum RMS power handling capacity of 300 watts x 1 channel at 4 ohms, and 500 watts x 1 channel at 2 ohms. 

The maximum possible power output by this amplifier is about 500 watts for each channel. One must note that the special terminals meant for dual speakers make it quite easy to connect many speakers. One remarkable feature is the presence of both bass boost filter and a low-pass filter. This arrangement makes it very easy to increase the weak frequencies that are relatively weak and are only clearly audible through earphones. 

The Alpine MRV-500 amplifier set is endowed with many levels of protection to ensure unrestricted and consistent performance. The protective features are sufficiently adequate to protect the amplifier system from damage by over-voltage, over-heating, over-current, or even under-voltage. 

One exceptional feature of this amplifier is its significantly reduced size. It measures just 7-⅞” x 2-3/16” x 7-⅞” in whole. These dimensions further reduce the difficulties in the installation process. There are few amplifier systems that are this much compact and still as amazing in performance. 


  • This amplifier system deserves all appreciation for its Class-D digital platform 
  • The advanced snap-on attachment, wire terminals, and mounting screws make the installation process very easy 
  • This one may be accurately defined as a V-Power Series Class D Monoblock digital amplifier 
  • The maximum RMS power capacity is quite significant at 300 watts per channel for 4 ohms and 500 watts per channel for 2 ohms 
  • The maximum power output for every channel of this amplifier is 500 watts
  • The low-pass filter and the alterable bass boost make the reproduction of lo frequency signals quite easy 
  • This amplifier is duly protected against all sorts of damage 
  • The materials of construction are supremely durable and strong 
  • The protective mechanisms shield this amplifier against damage by over-current, over-heating, over-voltage, and under-voltage
  • The sufficiently small size of this amplifier makes it easy to fit inside most vehicles 


  • Users complain that the company doesn’t offer any warranty on the purchase of this amplifier 
  • Users also complain that this amplifier does not really improve the bass output 


This amplifier is superbly easy to install owing to the presence of all the necessary hardware within the kit. The RMS power rating is sufficient and the reproduction of low frequency sounds is quite admirable. 

Kicker 40KX8001

best amp for alpine type r 12

This may easily be regarded as the most versatile amplifier system for Alpine Type R12 subwoofers. The most significant versatile feature of this amplifier is the veritable workhorse. This system is a unique class-D amplifier model equipped with numerous resourceful features that let it deliver the utmost quality of sonic. 

This amplifier also includes a variable subsonic filter that operates within 10 Hz to 80 Hz frequency range. In addition, there is an alterable low-pass filter that boosts the overall audio experience by a great deal. Also, this amplifier is equipped with the admirable integration technology that makes sure that any noise created by your vehicle’s electrical system does not disturb the quality of sound produced. This efficient screening out process is a rare attribute amongst amplifiers for Alpine Type R12. 

Moreover, the Kick EQ and the parametric bass system lets you modify the bandwidth of the incoming notes to best suit your comfortable acoustic range. Also, this amplifier comes with a special remote that lets you control the vast features in an easy manner. 


  • Kicker 40KX8001 is equipped with supremely versatile features that enable it to deliver the best possible sound quality 
  • There is a unique subsonic filter that operates in a 10 Hz to 80 Hz frequency range 
  • In addition, the alterable low-pass filter helps to significantly boost your overall listening experience
  • The unique integration technology reduces the disturbance created by any noise emanating from the vehicle’s electrical system 
  • You can also modify the bandwidth of the audio signals to suit your acoustic taste
  • A special remote control makes the handling all the more easy 


  • Users report that this amplifier doesn’t perform well for a long time 


The specialized features in the Kicker 40KX8001 amplifier make it worth a great deal. The power supply is ultimate and the sound quality is mesmerizing. 

Boss Audio PM2500

best amp for alpine type r 12

Boss Audio’s PM2500 is amongst the best amplifier systems you can connect your car’s sound system to. This is a class A/B monoblock amplifier that offers around 563 watts of power for an impedance value of 4 ohms. For an Alpine Type-R subwoofer, this is enough power to create the best possible sound experience. 

Best of all, this amplifier system has a MOSFET power supply certification along with a maximum power output capacity of 2500 watts. One must note that the depth of bass produced with the help of this amplifier system is unbelievable. The audio performance is incredible. These exceptional properties are the reason this amplifier is so popular in the American market. Moreover, the remote subwoofer control avails maximum personalization of attributes. Furthermore, the bass boost is variable. And the low-pass filter is changeable. 

With the help of this groundbreaking amplifier system, you can take your audio experience to a whole new level. The multiple LEDs provide amazing backlight illumination to further elevate your listening experience. Best of all, the mind-blowing performance of this amplifier system does not fluctuate on over-use. The best in class protection is rendered by a unique triple-layer of security features. This includes the thermal overload, the overvoltage, and the speaker short-circuit. These protective features protect the amplifier from damage by overheating, over-voltage, under-voltage, or over-current. 

Also, there is a special anodized heat-sink to provide the best possible protection. Not only is this amplifier system excellent in performance, it is also quite easy to operate. Also, its structure is absolutely compact so that the installation is not an issue. All the more, it is very affordable.


  • This is amongst the best amplifier systems you can connect with your vehicle’s audio system 
  • This is a class A/B amplifier that offers power as high as 562 watts at 4 ohm impedance 
  • The bass performance is truly exceptional 
  • This amplifier has a MOSFET certification 
  •  The maximum power output from this amplifier system ranges around 2500 watts 
  • Amazing sound personalization is possible with this amplifier system
  • There is a remote control for subwoofer, a low-pass filter that can be changed, and a variable bass boost 
  • The backlit illumination offers incredible feels to the whole listening experience 
  • The performance of this amplifier system does not waver much with overwork
  • This amplifier system is protected very well with triple-security features like speaker short-circuit, thermal overload, and overvoltage
  • There is also an anodized heat-sink that makes it even more secure 
  • The structure of this amplifier is truly compact so that it can be easily installed 
  • The materials of construction are quite hard and durable 
  • This amplifier system is also very affordable 


  • Users report that the power handling of this amplifier system is not very adequate 


This is a supremely affordable and best in class amplifier for that amazing boost you need in your bass sound. This one is especially amazing in the ease with which it lets you personalize the audio experience. 

Before you get yourself a amplifier system, it is very important that you consider its size 

One does not have to worry about the size of the audio components at home. But when it comes to vehicles, the size of the amplifier decided whether it would fit the available space. The amplifier’s size certainly influences its compatibility with your vehicle. So before you get yourself a set, determine the exact spot that will perfectly hold it. 

An improperly set amplifier set could disturb the circulation of air in the vehicle and may also result in overheating of the equipment. You must also go for a compact amplifier that comes with a heavyweight heat sink. 

You definitely require an amplifier for boosting bass

If you are wondering whether you really require an amplifier system to go with your Alpine Type R12 subwoofer, note that an amplifier is indispensable for enhancing bass. Good amplifier sets can certainly improve the audio quality by large numbers. The power that an exceptional audio system requires cannot be provided solely by an in-das receiver. A good amplifier system would ensure that your subwoofer performs at its best so the quality of bass is unmatchable. 


You definitely require a good amplifier system to provide the ample power your subwoofers need. This is how you’ll get the outstanding bass that turns heads down the road. Our curated list of the best amplifiers for Alpine Type R12 is exceptional in that each contender is absolutely reliable and best in class. Rest assured that your audio quality will stay clean and mesmerizing even when you push your subwoofer to its limits. Now own the road with ultimate musical experience in your backseat.

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