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Best Car Speakers for Metal-Get the best speakers to match your favorite music

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Metal lovers can never get enough quality from sound systems. Factory-made speakers do not even come close to satisfying what you need. You require the best quality aftermarket speakers to bring out your beloved beats. There are so many available options that choosing one best set of speakers seems to be a very challenging task. This is why we have completed all the requisite research to bring you what metal music exactly needs. 

We have brought you the best car speakers for metal music. To get your head nodding all along the way, and to feel your heart rocking, we have selected seven best quality speakers with the most excellent bass and the most incredible reproduction of middle range frequencies. While the speakers for metal might demand certain investment, they are definitely worth the quality of upgrade they render.

The best car speakers for metal 

JBL GTO609C Premium 6.5 Inch Component Speaker 

This is certainly the best set of speakers for metal and rock music. In fact, these speakers are meant to avail the best sound quality for all genres of music that require excellent balance. Even if you are not a typical metal fan, these speakers will bring out the best out of all other music genres. This is supremely owed to the excellent balance they can render to your audio. 

There are three carbon-injected cones in these speakers, of different sizes. One is larger than the remaining two. This unique arrangement allows the cones to move more air out and around the speakers. This results in more detailed bass. Even the soft-dome tweeters for these speakers have oversized voice coils. 

The main function of these coils is to dissipate the heat and enhance the power-handling capacity of the speakers. Because of this feature, you are able to smoother reproduction of high frequency sounds. Unlike other contenders, these speakers do not have to exert hard in achieving a continuously smooth flow of beaming music. 

You’ll also be amazed by the dual-level volume adjustment that allows you to attain perfect sound quality and balance regardless of their placement. You can also adjust the sound to best suit your listening preferences. Also, these speakers have an i-mount system to offer unmatchable sound flexibility no matter how you choose to mount your set of component speakers.

One of the best features of this set is the low impedance value of 3 ohm. This feature allows these speakers to make the best out of the power supplied by the car’s stereo system. 


  • The stiff and the light cones in this set provide excellent reproduction of low frequency sounds 
  • The carbon injected cones avail high quality audio performance 
  • The clarity of sound is unmatchable 
  • The quality of bass is amazing 
  • The low impedance value avails excellent efficiency
  • The sound and volume adjustment is very accessible 
  • There occurs no distortion of sound 
  • The reliability of these speakers is excellent 


  • The installation of these speakers will require new connectors 


This set of component speakers is meant to provide the best quality performance for metal music. The bass reproduction along with the overall power handling capability is excellent. 

Infinity Kappa Perfect 5.1 Speaker 

This is amongst the most recommended set of speakers for metal music. While this one may require special installation, it will definitely provide you the best possible sound experience on your drives. Best suitable for rock and metal music, this set is most well-known for its amazing clarity of sound and the ability to best reproduce the highest frequencies.

The woofer frame for this set is made out of cast aluminium. Even the aluminium woofer cone for this set is anodized. Also, there is a very durable tweeter dome. The construction of these speakers is reliably solid and the quality of audio is exceptional. While this one may be priced way above its other contenders, its quality of performance is definitely worth the price. 

There is a carefully designed outboard crossover that is meant to best divide the sound frequencies so that it becomes easy to adjust the tweeter levels for optimum performance. Overall, the clarity of sound is excellent. It is recommended that you install a two-way amplifier system for the best possible sound output. Note that the peak power capacity for these speakers is 400 watts.


  • This speaker set is best suitable for rock and metal music 
  • The sound clarity for these speakers is amazing
  • The tweeter’s levels can be easily adjusted
  • The cones have butyl rubber surrounds for the most adequate protection 
  • The construction of these speakers is very durable 
  • There is a 24dB/octave alignment crossover network 
  • These speakers can excellently reproduce frequencies as high as 3500 Hz


  • This set of speakers is more expensive that other similar contenders 
  • The plastic parts are fragile 


This speaker may be slightly difficult to install but it is definitely the best in quality and avails the most excellent performance that suits its price.

Focal 165K2 Speaker 

These are the best 200 watt speakers you can get for the best possible surround sound. The minimal power capacity for the composite sandwich cones is around 100 watts. The dome tweeters have a TKM M-profile and an inverted aramid fiber. The best quality performance is rendered to these speakers with the TMD/ Tuned-Mass damper sound system that greatly reduces any disturbance. All these excellent features work in conjunction to provide you the most incredible accuracy in the reproduction of middle range frequencies.

The degree of detail is further amazing and so is the ability to offer unmatchable audio performance at both high and low volumes. You can choose to install the tweeters with the flush mounting method for ease and incomparable sound quality. 


  • These speakers are well-known for offering the best possible surround sound 
  • The overall sound performance is amazing 
  • The maximum power capacity is 200 watts 
  • These are an excellent set of two-way component speakers 
  • The impedance is as low as 2 ohm


  • These speakers are relatively expensive 


These are the best speakers you can get for high quality metal music with incredible surround sound. The impedance is just 2 ohms and the power handling capacity is ultimate. 

Rockford Fosgate R165X3 Speaker 

This is amongst the most economical set of speakers you can get in this category. For the utmost suitability to your needs, this speaker comes in six different sizes and offers sensitivity as high as 91 dB. Not only is the sound quality incredible, the bass is also amazing. This is an excellent three-way coaxial speaker and each portion is designed to best reproduce a different range of sound frequencies. 

The audio frequencies are isolated into low, medium, and high before they are channeled through specialized cones. The ultimate sound balance at high and low volumes is astounding. The best quality materials have been utilized in the construction of its components. The woofer cone for this set is made out of polypropylene and the tweeter dome is made out of active silk. Also, there are premium quality magnets in these speakers for the ultimate high frequency response. 

The installation of these speakers is relatively easy. The mounting hardware and the grills are supplied along with the set. The maximum installation time is ten minutes. There are integrated high-pass crossovers in this set for the best performance. You’d be amazed by the excellent responsiveness of these speakers. Moreover, the peak power capacity of 90 watts is impressive. 


  • These speakers are best in quality and quite affordable 
  • The performance rendered by these speakers is excellent 
  • The installation is easy and all the necessary hardware is provided along with the set 
  • The three-way coaxial system offers the most incredible performance 
  • The drivers for this set are supremely responsiveness 


  • Users report that these speakers are not very durable 
  • Users complain of muffling at high volumes 


This is amongst the most affordable speakers that also avail the most incredible sound performance. The installation of these speakers is supremely easy and the responsiveness is impressive. 

Polk Audio DB6501 6.5 Inch Component Speaker 

Easily regarded as one of the best speakers ever produced by this brand, this set is especially excellent because of its unmatchable reproduction of high frequency sounds. If you are looking for the best quality two-way speakers for incredible metal music, this is the option you must select. 

One significant feature of this speaker is the two-way butterworth outboard crossover that comes with one of the best ever housing systems. The electronic tweeter protection circuit also serves to provide the best in class sound effects. The woofer cones for this speaker are made out of mica or polymer composite material  and there is a butyl rubber surround for the ultimate protection from any disturbance. In addition, there is a Kapton voice coil to ensure the utmost clarity of sound. 

You’ll note that these speakers produce the best quality sound at all volumes and for all frequency ranges. Each portion of the 6.5 inch component speakers comes with two crossovers, woofers, and tweeters for the smoothest performance. You can also choose to flush mount the tweeters if you want. There are swivel cups that ensure ease in placement. The whole installation procedure is quite simple. 

The butyl rubber surrounds on the woofers not only ensure the best quality sound, they are also very durable in structure. The supremely reliable crossovers provide much boost in the quality of sound output. The neodymium magnets in the silk dome tweeters further render the most distinct highs.


  • The crossovers, tweeters, and woofers deliver high-level performance and utmost durability
  • The reproduction of the middle and high frequencies is ultimate
  • The maximum power handling capacity of these speakers is 300 watts 
  • These speakers have sensitivity as high as 92 dB
  • The frequency range of these speakers lies between 35 Hz and 23 kHz
  • The impedance value for these speakers is 4 ohms 


  • These sound produced by the woofers is not completely free of distortion 


These speakers by Polk Audio are ultimate in performance when it comes to metal music. The high sensitivity and the high power handling capacity makes them very powerful and reliable. 

Kicker CS Series CSC65 6.5 Inch Speaker 

These may easily be called as the most high-powered speakers in this range. The excellent two-way design is not only affordable, it is also very durable. The quality of sound is supremely clean and top in quality. In fact, the bass produced by these speakers is considerably strong. These speakers are best suitable for metal music and for any genre that would do well with top-notch performance. 

The peak power capacity for each speaker in this set is 300 Watts. The impedance value is as low as 4 ohms and these speakers can work really well on 100 watts of power. The strong motor construction further enhances the sound quality. In addition, the magnet design and the extended voice coil technology best enhance the audio performance. 

The woofer cones are made out of tough and textured polypropylene material. The cones are also UV-treated for the best consistency in quality and the most accurate linear excursion. The surround system for woofers is made of foam that offers the best quality protection from disturbances. Moreover, it is more convenient to replace. 

These speakers also cover a high frequency range of around 40 Hz to 20 kHz. And the heavy-duty woofers ensure that you experience the utmost superb quality of bass. 


  • These speakers are most well known for their excellent bass
  • These speakers provide a good frequency range for the best quality metal music
  • The structure of these speakers is durable to enable the most consistent sound quality
  • Also, these speakers are resistant to damage by abnormal weather conditions 
  • It is possible to enjoy smooth music quality even at high volumes 
  • The neodymium magnets ensure smoothness in quality of sound 


  • Some users have reported that the bass isn’t at par with expectations


This is the ultimate high-powered set of speakers meant for quality metal music. Also, it is quite affordable.

NVX 6 ½ Inch Professional Grade Speaker 

These amazing speakers by NVX are known to offer the best quality bass. While consuming very less power, they render the most outstanding reproduction of low frequency sounds. At the same time, they are also quite affordable. Made with due attention, these speakers consist of a vacuum molded polypropylene woofer cone with an acoustic dampening surround. With a peak power handling capacity of 160 watts for each pair, these speakers hit the bull’s eye when it comes to metal music. 


  • These speakers are very affordable and avail the best quality bass 
  • The maximum RMS power capacity is 80 watts for each pair 
  • All parts are strong and durable 


  • Users report that the quality of bass may get inconsistent at high volumes


This amazing two-way speaker is the best option for those looking for an affordable way to upgrade their music system. 


Mentioned above are some of the best speakers for metal music. We have listed for you the best contenders for each aspect of the ultimate musical experience. We hope your drives feel like Nirvana.

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